Hydroponics help vegetables, herbs, foliage and many other types of plants to grow healthier for a robust yield. Fans of organic gardening who utilize hydroponics systems for cultivating herbs, plants from seeds testify that growing plants without soil, using nutrient enriched solutions, is a low maintenance, efficient method and very easy for beginners to learn.

Let's take for example, the growing of seeds using a hydroponics system. Under the right conditions, plants have been known to grow between 2 and 4 times faster than seeds planted in soil.

While a hydroponics system has many available applications few people realize that Holland (who has a distinguished reputation for using hydroponics to cultivate from seeds) also remains the leader in using hydroponics extensively for commercial food products.

Why? The main reason is that unlike soil-based plants, seeds (or commercial food products for that matter) do not have to divide their energy between growing upward for the plant and growing downward for the root system. The readily available nutrient enriched solutions provided by the hydroponics system allow seeds (and all seed types) to focus their energy into growing mostly upward, promoting quicker growth and higher yields.

With the right nutrients in a soil free, controlled environment, seeds and plants of all types, excel in the high-yield, water culture growing system, mainly because none of the basic plant needs are lacking. To learn more, contact us.



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