hydroponics kit

A ready-to-grow hydroponics kit comes complete with full instructions and a set of data sheets that covers all aspects of hydroponics.

Use your hydroponics kit to grow mature plants in as little as eight weeks from start to finish and enjoy a year-round growing season.

Each hydroponics kit is a deep pod, ebb and flood system utilizing a rapid flood and rapid drain method for providing plants with the perfect amount of rich nutrients.

Plants grown with a hydroponics kit do not require a large root system because the roots have the rich nutrients and additives readily available to them. This, in combination with ideal growing conditions not attainable with soil farming, allows plants to focus their energy into growing mostly upward, promoting quicker growth and higher yields. A good hydroponics kit produces far more robust, healthy and better tasting plants.

Under the right conditions and using a hydroponics kit properly, plants have been known to grow between 2 and 4 times faster than those in soil.

A hydroponics kit has everything you need, is relatively simple to operate and is very easy to maintain. People have used these soil less systems as a highly efficient way to grow foliage, herbs and other food products.

Order your own hydroponics kit today.



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