grow lights

Use your grow lights to bring the sun indoors but choose the right light spectrum to promote the type of plants you are growing hydroponically.

The grow lights required for growing indoors vary. It depends on the characteristics of the particular plant being grown. When growing foliage plants, vegetables, and herbs your choice in grow lights should be seriously considered, as well as where the particular plant naturally grows and what its climactic needs are.

Most vegetables for instance, grow best in full sunlight and would require different indoor grow lights than say a foliage plant that naturally thrives best in the shade.

The various grow lights available for hydroponics growing include…

  • Radiant grow lights for a consistent spread of intense light
  • Metal Halide lights, which emit mostly blue light used by plants for vegetative leaf growth
  • High pressure sodium lights, ideal for fruit and flowering plants
  • Sodium agro lights that have the same color spectrum as a High Pressure Sodium but with 30% more blue light and reduced levels of infrared

Incandescent lights burn very hot and do not make adequate grow lights for your hydroponics plans. Fluorescent lights are excellent for starting seedlings and for cultivating cool weather basement harvests year round as long as these "cool" grow lights are kept relatively close to the plant.

The wattage of your grow lights will be determined by the size of your growing area combined with the amount of natural light. To learn more please contact us.



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