Quite simply, hydroponics is the art and science of cultivating plants without soil.

Just before the Second World War, scientists utilized hydroponics to grow plants quite successfully without soil using only nutrient-enriched water. Sometimes sand, gravel or some other inert material (commonly referred to as the "growing medium") was incorporated just to anchor the plant's root system.

Since then, hydroponics growing has followed a natural evolution from farms to greenhouses to homegrown. Although Holland may have a distinguished reputation for hydroponics, Holland remains the leader in using hydroponics extensively for commercial food products.

Gardening with hydroponics is a low maintenance, efficient way to cultivate and very easy for beginners to learn. It involves doing routine checks on pH levels, topping up on water levels, changing hydroponics nutrients every 7 -12 days and preferably using a timer to automatically turn the garden lights on and off.

Systems for homegrown hydroponics can be purchased in a variety of kits, which may include…

  • A self contained growing reservoir
  • Plant support baskets
  • Growing medium (inert material to anchor the roots)
  • Air pump
  • Nutrients
  • pH kit
  • Tubing and fittings
  • Sample seeds and instructions

Each hydroponics kit includes everything you need (except the water) to start your homegrown hydroponics garden!

To learn more about the different growing mediums and different systems of hydroponics, contact us.

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